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Brocade M5424 Fibre Channel Blade Switch
Brocade switching technology integrated with Dell M1000e blade architecture

Brocade M5424 Fibre Channel Blade Switch

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USA: FREE Ground ShippingBrocade M5424 Fibre Channel Blade Switch
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The Brocade M5424 is a flexible platform that delivers advanced functionality, performance, manageability, scalability and security.

  • Ideal for larger storage area networks (SANs)
  • Integration of SAN switching capabilities that can help to reduce complexity and increase SAN manageability
  • Up to 16 internal fabric ports and up to 8 2GB/4GB/8GB auto-sensing uplinks

Enterprises are deploying high density blade servers and leveraging virtualization technology in order to maximize the benefits of consolidation: reduce capital and operational costs, simplify management complexity, lower power, cooling and space requirements and eliminate cable sprawl. As more applications and servers are virtualized and consolidated on fewer physical servers, IT organizations must deploy computing resources capable of keeping up with workload demands without impacting performance or service levels.

The Dell PowerEdge M1000e-Series Blade Enclosure and Brocade M5424 8 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel Switch combine next-generation blade server and Fibre Channel switch technology to simplify IT complexity and eliminate data center sprawl. The Brocade M5424 simplifies SAN connectivity and delivers substantial cost-savings, improved reliability and better flexibility to address evolving storage requirements for enterprise data centers.


The Brocade M5424 switch and the Dell™ PowerEdge™ M1000e blade enclosure provide robust solutions for Fibre Channel SAN deployments. Not only does this offering help simplify and reduce the amount of SAN hardware components required for a deployment, but it also maintains the scalability, performance, interoperability and management of traditional SAN environments.

Fast, Reliable 8-Gbit/sec Performance

  • Non-blocking and non-oversubscribed platform with an aggregate bandwidth of 128 Gbit/sec end-to-end
  • Optional adaptive networking services, including adaptive fabric quality of service, traffic isolation and ingress rate limiting, enabling organizations to maintain optimized application performance in virtual environments

Excellent Value for a Variety of SAN Environments

  • Easily integrate Fibre Channel (FC) technology into new or existing Storage Area Network (SAN) environments using the PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure, Brocade® M5424 and Dell/EMC storage
  • New platform combines with Brocade 8Gb edge switches from Dell to extends the next generation dynamic Data Center Fabric features of Brocade® backbone DCX architecture to the Dell PowerEdge M1000e Chassis.

Transform your Dell M1000e blade server enclosure

Fibre Channel Blade Switches:

Dell Networking Products
Fibre Channel Blade Switches
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Brocade M5424 Blade Switch

Brocade M5424 Blade Switch
Easy integration of Fibre Channel technology into new or existing SAN environments using the PowerEdge™ M1000e blade enclosure, Brocade M5424 and Dell™ Compellent™ storage.


Fibre Channel ports

  • 24 ports universal ports (E_Port, F_Port, and N_Port) available in all three models:
    • 24-port Enterprise Performance Pack Edition (includes eight pre-installed 8Gb SFP+ transceivers) plus Enterprise software licenses for Adaptive Networking, ISL Trunking, Fabric Watch, and Advanced Performance Monitoring
    • 24-port model (includes four pre-installed 8Gb SFP+ transceivers)
    • 12-port model (includes two pre-installed 8Gb SFP+ transceivers) – upgradeable to 24-port model through optional 12-port upgrade license kit


  • Full fabric architecture with 239 switches maximum

Certified maximum

  • Single Brocade FOS fabric: 56 domains, 19 hops Single Brocade M-EOS fabric: 31 domains, 3 hops Larger fabrics certified as required; consult Brocade or OEM SAN design documents for configuration details


  • Brocade 2XXX, 3XXX, 4XXX, 5XXX and Director family switches. AG Mode supports Brocade, McData and Cisco fabrics


  • 8.5 Gbit/sec line speed, full duplex;
  • 4.25 Gbit/sec line speed, full duplex;
  • 2.125 Gbit/sec line speed, full duplex 
  • 1.063 Gbit/sec line speed, full duplex;
  • Auto-sensing of 8, 4, 2, and 1 Gbit/sec port speeds; optionally programmable to fixed port speed; speed matching between 8, 4, 2, and 1 Gbit/sec ports

ISL Trunking

  • Inter-Switch Link (ISL) Trunking allows all eight external SAN ports to be combined to form a single, logical ISL with an aggregate bandwidth of 64Gb delivering scalable I/O bandwidth utilization and load balancing.

Aggregate bandwidth

  • 384 Gbit/sec end-to-end (full duplex)

Fabric latency

  • 700 ns with no contention, cut through routing at 8 Gbit/sec

Maximum frame size

  • 2112-byte payload

Classes of Service

  • Class 2, Class 3, Class F (inter-switch frames)

Port Types

  • FL_Port, F_Port, M_Port (Mirror Port), and E_Port; self-discovery based on switch type (U_Port); optional port type control in Brocade Access Gateway mode: F_Port and NPIV-enabled N_Port

Data Traffic Types

  • Fabric switches supporting unicast

Media Types

  • 8 Gbit/sec: Requires Brocade hot-pluggable
  • SFP+, LC connector; 8 Gbit/sec
  • Short-Wavelength Laser (SWL); 8 Gbit/sec
  • Long-Wavelength Laser (LWL); distance depends on fiber-optic cable and port speed
  • 4 Gbit/sec: Requires Brocade hot-pluggable
  • Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP), LC connector; 4 Gbit/sec
  • Short-Wavelength Laser (SWL); 4 Gbit/sec
  • Long-Wavelength Laser (LWL); 4 Gbit/sec
  • Extended Long-Wavelength Laser (ELWL); distance depends on fiber-optic cable and port speed

Fabric Services

  • Simple Name Server (SNS); Registered State Change Notification (RSCN), NTP v3, Reliable Commit Service (RCS), Dynamic Path Selection (DPS), Brocade Advanced Zoning (default zoning, port/WWN zoning, broadcast zoning), NPIV, and FDMI
    NOTE: Some fabric services do not apply or are unavailable in Brocade Access Gateway mode


  • 4Gb SFP & 8Gb SFP+ transceivers (single pack)
  • Ports on Demand (12-port license upgrade kit - for 12-port model only)
  • Enterprise Performance Pack : Software option for 12-port and 24-port models that includes Adaptive Networking, ISL Trunking, Fabric Watch, and Advanced Performance Monitoring)
  • ISL Trunking: Software option for 12-port and 24-port models


  • Supported Mgmt Software
    • Telnet, HTTP, SNMP v1/v3 (FE MIB, FC Management MIB); Auditing, Syslog, Change Management tracking; EZSwitchSetup wizard;
    • Brocade Advanced Web Tools; Brocade DCFM Professional/Enterprise; SMI-S compliant, SMI-S scripting toolkit, Administrative Domains
  • Security
    • SSL, SSH v2, HTTPS, LDAP, RADIUS, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), DH-CHAP (between switches and end devices), Port Binding, Switch Binding, Secure RPC, Secure Copy (SCP), Trusted Switch, IPSec, IP Filtering
  • Management access 
    • In-band over Fibre Channel; serial port (RJ-45); call-home integration enabled through Brocade DCFM
  • Diagnostics 
    • POST and embedded online/offline diagnostics, including RAStrace logging, environmental monitoring, non-disruptive daemon restart,FCping and Pathinfo (FC traceroute), port mirroring (SPAN port)


  • Width: 272.75 mm
  • Height: 32.48 mm
  • Depth: 307.24 mm
  • Weight: 4.65 Pounds— without media

Environmental Operating Conditions

  • Temperature Operating: 0°C to 40°C(32°F to 104°F) 
  • Temperature Non-operating: -20°C to 70°C(-4°F to 158°F)
  • Humidity Operating: 10% to 90%, non-condensing at 29°C 
  • Humidity Non-operating: 5% to 95%, non-condensing at 38°C 
  • Operating altitude: Up to 3,048 m (10,000 ft) 
  • Storage altitude: Up to 10.668km (35,000ft) 
  • Operating Shock: 20G for 6ms
  • Non-operating Shock: 50G with a velocity change of 4216 mm/sec squared
  • Vibration Operating: 0.4G at 5 Hz to 500 Hz for 60 minutes 
  • Vibration Non-operating: 0.5G at 2 Hz to 200 Hz for 15 minutes; 1.04 grms random for 15 minutes


  • DC input: 12V and 3.3V from chassis
  • Power consumption: About 32 Watts

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Fibre Channel Blade Switches
USA: FREE Ground ShippingBrocade M5424 Fibre Channel Blade Switch
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