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Dell Cloud Connect
Ultra-compact Portable Cloud Access Device

Dell Cloud Connect

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Dell Cloud Connect
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Secure productivity from work, home, and on the go. IT managed enterprise client with outstanding portability, security, and rich user experience accessing broad applications and content in the cloud.

Cloud Connect is an ultra-compact device that turns any display with an MHL or HDMI™ port into a high-quality window to the cloud. While it looks like a USB flash drive, Cloud Connect performs like a PC or highly functional thin client. Cloud Connect is extreme mobile computing, allowing users to securely access personal and professional content from any compatible display, in virtually any room, anywhere. Display presentations or play online games without a laptop or tablet. Cloud Connect functions as a multipurpose Citrix, Microsoft RDP, or VMware thin client, a web client for web-based apps, or a stand-alone device for local apps and content. It includes the Android OS for access to thousands of apps in the Google App store.

What you'll need

To properly evaluate Cloud Connect you'll need a monitor or TV with an MHL or HDMI connection. If HDMI, connect to a powered USB port on the display or wall adapter with a USB port to power the device. Audio output comes from the display (e.g. display speaker bar or USB speaker attached to the display) or Bluetooth speakers. Also, side by side web access is highly recommended to connect to Cloud Client Manager (CCM). CCM is a SaaS based tool that manages Cloud Connect. Having the two side by side will allow you to make policy changes on CCM and almost instantly see the reflected changes on the Cloud Connect device.

Enterprise-class securityEnterprise-class security

Designed to promote bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments, Dell Wyse Cloud Connect allows you to securely access and share work and personal files, presentations, applications and other content from your business or your home. Managed through Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager software-as-a-service (SaaS), IT managers can ensure that each Cloud Connect device is used by the appropriate person with the right permissions and access to the appropriate apps and content based on role, department and location.

Extreme mobile computing

Slightly larger than a USB memory stick, Cloud Connect is an ultra-compact multimedia-capable device. Simply plug it into any available HDMI / Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port on a TV or monitor, connect with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse or tablet/smartphone using the Cloud Connect Controller app, and you’re off and running. Cloud Connect enables an HD-quality window to the cloud, great for meetings and presentations while on business travel, or for cruising the internet and checking email after a day of work.

Highly optimized cloud-client computingZero-battery technology

Travel light, batteries and a power cord are not needed. Power for Cloud Connect is supplied through the MHL interface, or separately through the integrated USB port.

Highly optimized cloud-client computing

Designed to provide a full multimedia computing experience, Cloud Connect is packed with advanced technology features, including:

  • Preloaded Dell Wyse PocketCloud software for remote access to physical or virtual desktops, apps and content
  • Bluetooth interface for connecting to a wireless mouse and keyboard
  • 802.11a/b/g/n dual-band WiFi
  • Android OS to support triple play (voice, data and video) for web browsing, social networking, media playback and access to thousands of apps through the Google Play Store

Ultrathin client

Providing a number of flexible options for remote cloud client-computing, Cloud Connect works with many existing Dell Wyse thin clients and software products. It can also access Citrix, Microsoft or VMware environments for web-based apps or a standalone device for local apps and content.

Useful virtually anywhere

With the ideal combination of functionality and portability, the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect allows you to efficiently extend your workspace without any loss in productivity.

Work in the office and on-the-go

  • All-in-one thin client for virtual desktop access at work, at home or on the road
  • Perfect for the office, hotel, tradeshow or press tour

Kiosks and digital signage

  • Simplified digital signage solution for retail or airport space
  • Easily repurposed from display to low-cost all-in-one thin client


  • Ultra-low-cost thin clients for classrooms, libraries and labs
  • Take-home access to daily lessons and research materials


Key Features

  • Enterprise class security: Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager Software puts IT in control with strong application and content manageability
  • Portability: personal cloud access wherever you go
  • Ubiquitous rich user experience: high definition (1080p) video for corporate or consumer applications
  • Future proofed: device can migrate to new monitors. 8GB local flash memory expandable to 40GB for OS upgrades, apps, and content
  • Multiple ways to connect: HDMI/MHL (Mobile High Definition Link), Bluetooth, one micro USB and one mini USB peripheral port.

Specific Key Use Cases

Work and work-while-traveling

  • AIO thin client for virtual desktop access at work, home and on the go
  • Emergency access to cloud content if other devices fail.

Kiosks and digital signage

  • Repurpose any supported display into a low cost all-in-one thin client (retail, hospitality, manufacturing)
  • Simplified digital signage solution (retail, airports).


  • Ultra-low cost thin clients for classrooms, libraries and labs
  • Take-home access to applications, data, and content.


  • Easy to install gaming and entertainment
  • Add work/play functionality to any home TV
  • Easily display content from smartphones, tablets or remote desktops on a big screen.


Cloud Connect View

Cloud Connect Specifications
Operating System Android 4.1, Jelly Bean
  • Additional power and control offered by MHL
  • HDMI/MHL equipped video interface
  • 1080p Full-HD resolution support
Processor Dual-core Cortex-A9 ARM System-on-Chip (SoC)
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band wireless (data)
  • Bluetooth v4 (Peripherals)
  • MHL/HDMI video interface (at launch)
  • DisplayPort video interface
  • 1x USB mini for peripherals (keyboard/Mouse)
  • 1x Micro USB host port / External power input
  • 1x Micro SD card slot (expandable up to 72GB flash storage)
  • Bluetooth pairing button
  • Citrix Receiver 
  • VMware Horizon View client 
  • Keyboard, Mouse, and Storage via Bluetooth v3
  • Or 1x USB mini for peripherals (keyboard/Mouse)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1x Micro SD card slot (expandable up to 72GB flash storage)
Flash Memory 8 GB (up to 40GB with addition of a 32GB SD card)
  • LED power indicator
  • Color – Foggy Night
  • Dell Wireless Travel Mouse WM524
  • Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810
  • Dell Mobile Projector M900HD
  • Dell Mobile Projector M115HD
Browser Chrome for fast, safe, and easy web access
Dimensions 95 X 35 X 15mm
I/O Expansion Slots
  • MHL/HDMI (video interface) 
  • 1x USB mini for peripherals (keyboard/Mouse)
  • 1x micro USB (host port / external power input for HDMI connection)
  • 1x micro SD card slot (up to 40GB with addition of a 32GB SD card)
  • Touch support multi-touch displays
  • Dell 27 Touch MHL Monitor P2714T
  • Dell 23 Touch MHL Monitor P2314T
  • Dell 20 Touch MHL Monitor E2014T
  • Remote Desktop environments: Wyse PocketCloud, Citrix Receiver, and VMware Horizon View.
  • Dell Wyse PocketCloud 
  • Cloud Client Manager Agent
  • Dell Sonic Wall VPN Client
  • Google Play
  • Enterprise level security
  • Operating system & application level security
  • Desktop & content security 
  • Enterprise level security enforcement
Systems Management
  • Application and content management
  • User Self-Service Portal
  • Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager
Warranty One-year limited hardware warranty

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Dell Networking Switches
Dell Cloud Connect
USA: FREE Ground ShippingDell Cloud Connect
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