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Dell Wyse Device Manager
Powerful and Secure Thin Client Management

Dell Wyse Device Manager

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Dell Wyse Device Manager
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Secure, highly scalable software designed to help you manage and monitor Dell Wyse thin and zero client desktops and help maximize user productivity.

Easily manage your Dell Wyse endpoints, from only a few to thousands, with Dell Wyse Device Manager (WDM). Powerful, easy to use and highly scalable, WDM software enables you to configure, monitor and manage Dell Wyse endpoint devices. From a single console, you can easily issue software images, patches, updates and add-ons, and manage all aspects of remote cloud clients — helping to ensure peak user productivity at your endpoints.

Not only manage, but help protect your distributed computing environment with included security features:

  • HTTPS communications: Manage endpoints using fully encrypted, HTTPS-based transmissions.
  • Secure remote imaging and updates: Enable IT to securely update and image clients remotely.
  • Common Criteria EAL2 certification: Work confidently with an established and secure solution.

Highly scalable and easy to deploy

Easily scale your WDM solution and manage thousands of devices, all from a single management server. Automated device discovery helps streamline your expansion, while bandwidth optimization features help maintain performance at endpoints. WDM installation is made simple with a prerequisite checker and easy configuration of add-on components.

Choose a WDM solution that is right for you, based on the scale of your distributed architecture and your management needs:

  • WDM Workgroup edition: Ideal for small to midsize businesses, this software is included with all Dell Wyse thin and zero client devices and offers comprehensive management and control.
  • WDM Enterprise edition: Designed for large organizations, this software can support thousands of clients and includes increased device management capabilities and security.

Central administration and monitoring

Central administration and monitoringDeliver real-time client management and performance monitoring with WDM, an ideal solution for organizations needing powerful cloud client management. Track your assets, manage policies and provide enhanced remote support for users. WDM includes a deep set of management features:

  • Asset tracking: Generate detailed reports to track health and performance of hardware and software assets.
  • Policy management: Issue, manage and update polices across an organization. Create groups of local and remote devices, each with specific requirements.
  • User support: Provide users with cost-effective, one-to-one IT support without physically having to visit your endpoint devices.
  • Device management: Quickly restart, shut down or Wake-on-LAN (WoL) thin clients.


New in WDM 5.0

  • Peer Assisted Deployment - Enable deployment of software updates to thin clients by updating one or two devices first, and using them to update other peer devices in the network. This provides bandwidth efficiency in updating devices connecting over slow networks and in distributed deployments such as retail and branch offices. Scale to hundreds of branch offices with thousands of devices.
  • High Availability - Manage thousands of devices, and support use of a clustered database server and load balancer to leverage multiple WDM servers that manage thin clients.
  • Profile Manager - Configure Windows Embedded thin clients with a GUI-based editor (WCM). Set configuration profiles for groups, including hierarchies of groups, of thin clients. Any device, including newly joined ones, automatically get the configuration profile, including the ability become a kiosk.
  Workgroup Edition Enterprise Edition
Managed devices (All Dell WYSE thin and zero clients) Free
Up to 10,000
Paid, per-seat 
Tens of 000’s
CIFS (Windows File Share) software repository Yes Yes
Default HTTPS mode for Secure Management* Yes Yes
Relay Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Yes Yes
Send Message to Devices Yes Yes
Enhanced End-user Notification of updates Yes Yes
Reset OS Configuration Yes Yes
NTLM v2 authentication support for Wyse ThinOS Yes Yes
SQL authentication: Mixed or Windows mode Yes Yes
Profile Manager for configuring Windows Embedded thin clients using WCM Yes Yes
Enhanced Logging and Service Logs Window Yes Yes
New Settings for P-class Devices Yes Yes
High Availability (HA) No Yes
Peer Assisted Deployment (PAD) No Yes
Chargeback reporting on remote session usage for ThinOS and Xenith No Yes
Administrator Delegation (from Active Directory) and Role-based Access Control No Yes
Smart Scheduling by Time Zone (of device, WDM GUI, WDM server) No Yes
Automated Profile-based Management (DDC – Default Device Configuration) No Yes
Distributed Architecture for Scalability Single server Distributed
Maximum Simultaneous Updates 25 500
Asset Grouping Levels for Views 3 Groups 90 Groups