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Dell 7000 Series Thin Client - Cloud PC for Dell Wyse WSM
High-Performance Virtual Desktop

Dell 7000 Series Thin Client - Cloud PC

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The Wyse 7000 Series thin client is for users that demand more from their virtual desktop environments, featuring all the security and management benefits of cloud clients.

This virtual desktop endpoint features single, dual and quad-core AMD G-Series APUs, plus uncompromising performance with fast, flexible user connectivity and outstanding energy efficiency. It supports Windows virtual desktop and cloud applications with rich content creation and consumption, HD video, unified communications and 3D graphics.

The 7000 series cloud client is available as a thin client with Windows® Embedded Standard or Wyse-enhanced enterprise Linux operating systems, or as a diskless cloud desktop for use with Wyse WSM.

Dell Wyse Z class

The Dell Wyse Z class brings unrivalled high performance to users demanding more from their virtual desktops. Multiple models are available featuring Dell Wyse enhanced SUSE Linux, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating systems, and a cloud PC for use with Dell Wyse WSM.

Z00D Cloud PC
Highest-performing dual-core
cloud PC for Dell Wyse WSM.

Z50S Thin Client
Featuring Dell Wyse enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise, the industry's only enterprise-quality Linux OS optimized by Dell Wyse for thin computing.

Z50D Thin Client
Highest performing dual-core thin client with all the security, flexibility, and marketleading usability of Dell Wyse enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise.
VMware Ready, HDX

Z90SW Thin Client
High performance Windows Embedded Standard 2009 thin client for the most demanding Virtual Desktop Environments.
VMware Ready, HDX

Z90DW Thin Client
Highest-performing dual-core thin client based on Windows Embedded Standard 2009.
VMware Ready, HDX

Z90S7 Thin Client
High performance thin client. Harnesses the rich user experience of Windows Embedded Standard 7.
VMware Ready, HDX, RemoteFX

Z90D7 Thin Client
High performance dual-core thin client based on Windows Embedded Standard 7.
VMware Ready, HDX, RemoteFX

Z90DE7 Thin Client
High performance dual-core thin client based on Windows Embedded Standard 7 with expansion capabilities through a PCIe expansion slot.
VMware Ready, HDX, RemoteFX

Z90Q7 Thin Client
Ultra high performance quad-core thin client based on Windows Embedded Standard 7.
VMware Ready, HDX, RemoteFX

Class-leading connectivityClass-leading connectivity

With so much power and so many familiar peripherals at their fingertips, the busiest knowledge workers and power users will love the 7000 series. It offers a broad range of fast, flexible connectivity options so one can enjoy their favorite peripherals while working with processing-intensive, graphics-rich applications.

Windows Embedded Standard and Linux customers can select a standard dual-display model, a quad-digital output model that supports up to six HD digital displays, or an optional legacy connectivity model for serial, parallel and PS/2 connections. 

Windows Embedded Standard 7 dual core customers can also choose between a regular or extended hardware platform that offers connectivity to practically any Windows peripheral and even more displays — the ultimate in versatility.

Highly scalable, easy to manage

IT won’t need to visit or touch 7000 series cloud clients to manage them as they can be managed remotely with Wyse Device Manager (WDM). WDM helps lower the total cost of ownership for large deployments and offers remote enterprise-wide management that scales as you grow from just a few to tens of thousands of cloud clients.

Smart, environmentally conscious computingSmart, environmentally conscious computing

We’re committed to helping you implement a computing strategy that can deliver an efficient and productive experience by significantly reducing energy usage and heat dissipation.

Wyse 7000 series cloud clients include extremely efficient processors and a silent, fanless design that uses as little as 15 watts of power compared to a typical PC that uses between 70 and 150 watts. In sleep mode under remote management, the 7000 series units draw just 2 watt

  • Wyse has implemented an ISO 14001-based environmental management system and WEEE recycling processes. In addition, all Wyse products from Dell meet stringent RoHS requirements

Wyse 7000 Series thin client with multiple monitors

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