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Dell 5000 Series Zero Client for VMware
High-Performance Zero Clients for VMware Horizon View

Dell 5000 Series Zero Client for VMware

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For virtual desktop or blade PC environments, the Wyse 5000 series P25 and 7000 series P45™ zero clients for VMware deliver workstation-level performance. These dedicated hardware PCoIP engines deliver the highest level of display performance available for advanced applications, including CAD, 3D solids modeling, video editing and more.

Dell offers multiple Wyse zero clients for VMware Horizon View, all of which feature PCoIP protocol processing in hardware to help ensure an outstanding user experience regardless of application mix, location, or role. And as true zero clients, these devices require zero configuration and management, and offer zero attack surface for viruses and malware.

Extremely compact and energy efficient, the 2-display Wyse 5000 series P25 and 4-display 7000 series P45™ are fully functional VMware View end points that deliver a true PC-like experience. Both devices offer the full benefits of an efficient and secure centralized computing environment, like multiple display support, multimedia playback, HD audio and four USB peripheral ports.

Wyse 5020-P25 Wyse 7020-P45

Wyse 5020-P25
High performance, compact design, dual HD displays, and flexible networking options.

Compact, strong, and flexible. Uses the latest Teradici PCoIP processor and client-side caching for outstanding performance.

Choose Wyse 5020-P25 when you need a zero client for:

  • A wide variety of applications that require excellent performance and brilliant graphics
  • Extremely efficient operation and very low energy usage (under 9 watts)
  • Placement flexibility given its very small size.

Wyse 7020-P45
A true powerhouse with high performance. Quad HD displays and flexible networking options.

Serious power for the serious power user. Also uses the latest Teradici PCoIP processor and client-side caching for outstanding performance.

Choose Wyse 7020-P45 when you need a zero client for:

  • Users running demanding multimedia or graphics applications like multiple simultaneous HD content feeds, 3D solids modelling, or geophysical simulation
  • Users requiring up to four HD displays (e.g. securities trading, surveillance, video production) with high energy efficiency (under 15 watts).

VMware Horizon View desktop performance when and where it's needed most.

Outstanding performance is the hallmark of the Wyse P class zero client family. Using the latest Tera 2 PCoIP processor from Teradici coupled with client-side caching to optimize available network bandwidth, these zero clients can offer serious power to the serious power user. For HD multimedia, CAD/ CAM, 3D solids modeling, and multidimensional simulation, the Wyse 5020- P25 and 7020-P45 are more than up to the task.

For the end user, the proof is in what they see on their displays, and with the 5020-P25 that means up to two HD displays to showcase brilliant graphics. The even more powerful 7020-P45 can fill up to 4 displays with full HD content for those users running high-end graphics and multimedia applications. In either case, your end users get all the performance they need while life becomes much easier for your IT staff.

Advanced performance. Higher quality.

The Wyse 5000 series P25 and 7000 series P45 allow you to centrally manage your virtual desktops in a data center while still providing rich multimedia, high-resolution 3D graphics, HD media, and full USB peripheral interoperability locally over a LAN – or remotely,-over a WAN. Optimized compression algorithms operate in real-time to achieve the best possible image quality for the available network bandwidth.

Cool, simple performance.

The Wyse 5000 series P25 and 7000 series P45 draw under 8 and 15.5 watts of power, respectively – creating cooler, quieter working environments. Each of these zero clients for VMware Horizon View receive and decode signals from the PCoIP host to create standard PC interfaces for the display, USB peripherals and audio.

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