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Dell Networking H-Series Director-Class Switches
Highly Integrated Director-Class Switches

Dell H-Series Director-Class  Switch

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Dell H-Series Director-Class Switches offer a maximum of 768 ports, in 32-port increments, each providing 100Gbps performance and scales up to 19.2 terabytes per second (TB/s) of aggregate bandwidth. Intel OPA switches provide integrated support for high availability with advanced features such as power, fabric, and management module redundancy, component-level diagnostics and alarming, and out of band management.

Innovative features take fabric resilience and availability to new heights without sacrificing performance. Packet Integrity Protection (PIP), for example, provides high packet reliability with latency-free error checking and link-level recovery. Dynamic Lane Scaling (DLS) maintains 75 percent of link bandwidth if a physical lane fails, so HPC workloads can complete gracefully to keep deadlines on track.

Deterministic latency

H-Series switches help minimize negative performance impacts of large Maximum Transfer Units (MTUs) on small messages and help maintain consistent latency for interprocess communication (IPC), such as Message Passing Interface (MPI) messages, when large messages-typically storage are being simultaneously transmitted in the fabric. This will allow the switch to bypass lower priority large packets to allow higher priority small packets, creating a low and more predictable latency throughout the fabric.

Key benefits

  • Provides improved fabric scalability, reduced latency, increased density, and reduced cost and power. These switches can dramatically lower fabric acquisition costs, while simultaneously reducing space and power requirements.
  • Software management tools for ease of installation and managing small to very large complex fabrics

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