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Dell S5448F-ON
Dell PowerSwitch S5448F-ON Switch

Dell S5448F-ON

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USA: FREE Ground ShippingDell PowerSwitch S5448F-ON Switch
48 x 100GbE SFP56-DD, 8 x 400GbE QSFP56-DD, 2 x AC PSU, Open Network Install Environment (ONIE)
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The S5448F-ON 100/400GbE fixed switch comprises Dell Technologies’ latest disaggregated hardware and software data center networking solutions, providing state-of-theart, high-density 100/400 GbE ports and a broad range of functionality to meet the growing demands of today’s data center environment. This innovative, next-generation open networking high-density aggregation switch offers optimum flexibility and cost-effectiveness for the web 2.0, enterprise, mid-market and cloud service providers with demanding compute and storage traffic environments.

The compact PowerSwitch S5448F-ON provides industryleading density of up to 48 ports of 100GbE (SFP56-DD) and 8 ports of 400GbE (QSFP56-DD), in a 1RU design.

Using industry-leading hardware and a choice of Dell SmartFabric OS10 or select 3rd party network operating systems and tools, the S5448F-ON switch incorporates multiple architectural features that optimize data center network flexibility, efficiency and availability, including IO panel to PSU airflow or PSU to IO panel airflow* for hot/ cold aisle environments, redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans, and delivers non-blocking performance for workloads sensitive to packet loss.** The compact S5448F-ON provides multi-rate speed, enabling denser footprints and simplifying migration to 100 and 400Gbps.

Priority-based flow control (PFC), data center bridge exchange (DCBX) and enhanced transmission selection (ETS) make the S5448F-ON ideally suited for DCB environments.

The Dell PowerSwitch S5448F-ON switch supports the open source Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for zero touch installation of Dell SmartFabric OS10 networking operating system, as well as of alternative network operating systems.

Key applications

  • Organizations looking to enter the softwaredefined data center era with a choice of networking technologies designed to maximize flexibility
  • High-density multi-rate 100/400GbE ToR server aggregation in high-performance data center environments at the desired fabric speed
  • Small-scale fabric implementation via the S5448FON switch in leaf and spine along with S-series 10/25/40/50/100GbE ToR switches enabling costeffective aggregation of 100/400 uplinks
  • High-density 10/25/40/50/100GbE ToR server access in high-performance data center environments
  • Multi-functional 10/25/40/50/100/200/400GbE switching in High Performance Computing clusters or other business-sensitive deployments requiring the highest bandwidth
  • iSCSI and FCOE deployment, including DCB converged lossless transactions

Innovative data center architectural agility with 25/40/50/100GbE switches

Gain the flexibility to transform your data centers with high-capacity network fabrics that are easy to deploy, cost-effective and provide a clear path to a software-defined data center. They offer:

  • High density for 25/40/50/100GbE deployments in top-of-rack, middle-of-row, and end-of-row deployments
  • An ideal solution for modern workloads and applications designed for the open networking era

Optimized for the open networking era

Get more agility, more choices and lower costs than proprietary networks with select open-standards-based ON (open networking) switches.

  • Disaggregated-hardware/software solutions bring new levels of freedom and flexibility to your data center.
  • Support for Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) enables zero-touch installation of alternate network operating systems.
  • Your choice of network operating system helps simplify data-center fabric orchestration and automation.
  • A broad ecosystem of open-source and Linux-based applications and tools provides more options to optimize and manage your network.

Ready for software-defined networking

Deploy modern workloads and applications while providing an easy on-ramp to software-defined networking (SDN).

  • Support for OpenFlow v1.3 provides interoperability with industry-standard OpenFlow controllers.
  • VXLAN Layer 2 Gateway enabling allows connection to hypervisor-based overlay networks.
  • Third-party OS support provides an easy entry point to SDN for part or all of your production environment.

*Note that units configured in the PSU to IO airflow direction are subject to tighter restrictions for power consumptions on cables and optics used for 100 and 400GbE ports
**Non-blocking for >364-Byte packets

Pricing Notes:

Dell Products
USA: FREE Ground ShippingDell PowerSwitch S5448F-ON Switch
48 x 100GbE SFP56-DD, 8 x 400GbE QSFP56-DD, 2 x AC PSU, Open Network Install Environment (ONIE)
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