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Dell Networking C-Series
Resilient chassis-based switches

The Dell Networking Networks C-Series are resilient chassis-based switches that deliver reliability, network control and scalability. The C-series is designed to support GbE and 10GbE switch aggregation for enterprise campus and business wiring closets, while also supporting GbE server aggregation for data centers. Comprehensive management capabilities make the C-Series a costeff ective and fl exible deployment option.

Dell Networking C-Series Chassis Components
Dell Networking C150 Chassis-based Switches

Dell Networking C7004 Chassis-based Switches

Medium-sized chassis-based switch delivering GbE aggregation for small to medium-sized data centers.

Dell Networking C300 Chassis-based Switches

Dell Networking C7008 Chassis-based Switches

Large scale chassis-based switch delivering high density aggregation for medium-sized data centers.